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America! Keep a watch on

July 20, 2017

America! Keep a watch on

Islam is at war with the world of “infidels”.  

It is a world war and I have no problem calling it WWIII. 

You may think this is a dramatic over-statement, but it certainly is not.

It is likely that much of Europe has now been defeated (conquest by immigration). This strategy of conquest by immigration is based upon massive immigration, the incompatibility of the immigrating culture with the host culture, a lack of assimilation, insurrection, intimidation, hyper-propagation of the invading culture and eventually;  the overwhelming of the host culture via legal political evolution or violent revolution.

European Western culture has contracted a “fatal disease” and it is behaving as though it is unaware that its days are numbered.

Watch Jihadwatch

Do not let this happen to America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/20/17

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