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A Self-Defeating Culture

November 8, 2009

A Self-Defeating Culture

 Saying and doing things that make us feel loving, caring, compassionate, noble, and needed can frequently be damaging to all concerned. The following four propositions will clarify my meaning.

1. The parent who goes too far in loving, protecting, and “doing” for their child is likely to rear an individual who is, self-centered, anxious, fearful, dependent, helpless and addicted to damaging sources of pleasure.

2. The nation that provides its irresponsibly unemployed, uneducated, destitute, and overly fertile citizens with free money, food, child care, transportation, communication, housing, medical care, and entertainment will raise a rapidly increasing percent of the population who are as described in proposition # 1.

3. Those nations that over-protect other cultures by spending their own resources to save them from the pain of famines, plagues, overpopulation, and bad self-management will retard the development of those cultures and increase their long-range suffering. All cultures must learn to respond independently to the immediate conditions that threaten them or they will perish. To over-protect cultures from the consequences of their own actions has the same predictable effects as the over-protection of children, as discussed in proposition # 1.

4. Cultures live in a Darwinian, naturally selecting, world as do individual organisms and species of organisms. The feel-good concept of a “world culture” must accommodate that fact. Cultures that are currently “fit” (in the evolutionary sense) can destroy themselves by squandering their own precious and dwindling resources to teach other cultures to also be helplessly blind to the immediate contingencies of their own survival.

The clearest single prototype of all four of these levels of maladaptive and self-defeating behavior is us:  The United States of America.

 Such a cultural organism, without change, will suffer a decline in its health and viability.

 V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/15/92

Reviewed and Edited: 11/08/09

Masturbating the Lions

August 25, 2009

Masturbating the Lions

One historical way to keep a population content and docile, focused away from governmental abuses and the general state of their condition, is to entertain them in ways that are irresistibly rewarding. Especially effective are the biologically based rewards that have addicted our species forever.

These reinforcers have always produced highly pleasurable feelings and emotions which are accompanied by increasingly obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors that become highly goal-oriented and directed away from the exploiting controllers.

It was so in the coliseums of a declining Rome and so it is now in the post-modern era of a declining United States of America.

Pornography, violence, gambling, and increasingly recreational marijuana are now available through our related technical and marketing venues.

Increasingly, addicting pleasures that were once illegal are being made legal and provided by a government. A massive all-controlling central government that first stimulates its citizen’s well-known hedonistic and self-destructive appetites and then taxes its populations’ increasingly frenetic addictive self-stimulatory behavior patterns.

The reality of legalized (and therefore taxed) prostitution and recreational drugs are now gaining momentum.

With eerie similarity,  B. F. Skinner spoke of clever trainers who once masturbated their lions to avoid being eaten alive.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/17/01

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