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White Students Become Minority

August 11, 2014

White Students Become Minority

White students are now a minority in America’s grade schools.

A Flood of uneducated, low-skilled, non-English speaking illegal immigrants have accelerated this trend. Additionally, low-socioeconomic birthrates favor non-whites.

President Obama has made amazing progress at accomplishing his goal: The “Transformation of America”. He is not feckless, as so many allege, he is doing exactly what he set out to do to America.

The following article and video discusses the ramifications of these tectonic changes in America’s social structure. Someone I respect once said: “It’s all demographics, man” and so it appears to be.

It is said that these demographic and multicultural changes will be “a challenge to our public educational system”. I judge that it will overwhelm and destroy it.

Given the current state of our already debilitated public educational system, progressive/socialist leaning immigrants and indigenous blacks, as well as America’s increasing political conflict between the races, various ethnic groups, and life-style political action groups, the hopes for a future well-functioning American Republic appears doomed.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,   8/11/14

P.S.  Note that America must cope with all of these cultural stressors and more, in addition to the stunning rise of radical Islam and their goal of destroying Israel, attacking America and establishing a world Caliphate. We are in for some very tough times, literally an existential crisis.

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