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Obama Unleashes 36,000 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners On America!

May 15, 2014

Obama Unleashes 36,000 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners On America!

This unthinkable Obama Administration action actually happened in 2013. It is now all over the news media and the internet. It seems unthinkable. But, at long last, no outrage from the Obama Administration will ever surprise me.

See for yourself! Simply Google “36,000 illegals released from prison“.

All of this…and there is hardly a whimper from the American “Sheeple”!

In recent years, America has voted for progressive-liberal politicians and our Presidents of this ilk have appointed similar progressive-liberal Judges to our Supreme Court.

Rather than closing our borders, they have welcomed a flood of illegal immigrants and provided them with copious entitlement benefits historically reserved only for naturalized American citizens.

The progressive-liberals have caused our legal systems and prisons to be overwhelmed with the disproportionately criminal actions of these illegal immigrants. Then!…they released these criminals into our general population to again rain murder, rape, gang and drug-related mayhem upon innocent American citizens.

If this is not seditious and impeachable behavior on the part of our elected and appointed political servants I cannot imagine what is.

Does the average American not understand that it is a common socialist/communist strategy to destroy a culture’s social order to justify the imposition of tyrannical actions such as martial law?

Wake-Up America! If you do not, the worst is yet to come.

V. Tom Mawhinney

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