The Cold War: Hot for Submariners

I was honored and proud to have served on the nuclear powered submarine Ethan Allen, SSBN 608, during the Cold War. We carried nuclear missiles and could alone unleash more destructive force than all previous wars combined. That is why this type of submarine is called a “Boomer”!

The Cold War was not so cold for us.

The following will help you understand why U.S. Submarine operations were hotter during the cold war than most everyone knows.

I was a member of the Ethan Allen submarine’s Gold Crew (We alternated Cold War Patrols with our Blue Crew). Shortly before our third 2-month submerged Cold War patrol, two our esteemed crew members were transferred to a fast-attack submarine named the “Thresher”. The Thresher was then lost with all hands on a deep test-dive. I hope you honor her crew, and others of past wars, by seeing the documentary video about the tragic Cold War loss of the Thresher.

I hope you will see both videos!

Cold War Submarine Service:

The Loss of the Thresher:

God Bless America and our military personnel!

This is what America’s upcoming Memorial Day is all about.

V. Tom Mawhinney

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3 Responses to “The Cold War: Hot for Submariners”

  1. Chuck Carpente Says:

    Tom The loss of the Thresher video has the wrong web address it is the same as the Cold War Submarine Service



    Thanks for the soundtrack Moe, it was short but sweet, and as I’ve said before submariners are the “SILENT SERVICE”. I wear the dolphin and cold war pins proudly as I know you do. It goes beyond just cruising stealthy beneath the oceans, actions that remain to this day confidential-Huck


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