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America’s Marxist Totalitarian Puppet President

May 8, 2023

The video below was blocked from my blog. Yet, it is easily found on the internet. You must see this video. Please search by entering “Levin: This is Sick” in your sear search window. Don’t let this suspicious block on my blog stop you from viewing this essential video!

All I did in this blog was share an essential T.V. video, as I often have. This Sunday program is watched by many; but not by as many Americans as should see it.

Many Americans are so busy working, raising children, or just getting too old and sick and tired of politics. Let alone…to see something that should terrify and hyper-motivate every patriotic America to vote against this nation’s utter destruction… and, to try to influence others to do the same!

I beseech you to vote for the preservation of our Republic and Constitutional Governance! Our Republic is entering its death throes and too many of our electorate are in a state of profound ignorance and/or a pathological state of denial.

You Must See This and Pass It On!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/8/23

This URL is blocked from my blog by Fox!

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