End Closer Than We Think?

The following is a short essay sent to me by a patriot friend. Many thanks to Mr. Damaske.

It is a powerful display of America’s sad condition: Naming, in my view, many of the moving parts of Americas Great Decline.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/13/23

Nations think they’re eternal.

Nations also have seasons, but where is the glory that once was the United States of America? America has moved from a relatively free economy to socialism – which has worked so well NOWHERE in the world. We’ve gone from a republican government guided by a constitution to a regime of revolving elites. We have less freedom with each passing year.

Like a signpost to the coming reign of terror, the cancel culture is everywhere. We’ve traded the American Revolution for the Cultural Revolution. The so-called potus in the White House is an empty vessel filled by his handlers. At the G-7 Summit, ‘Dr. Jill’ had to lead him like a child. In 1961, when we were young and vigorous, our leader was too. Now a feeble nation is technically led by the oldest man to ever serve in the presidency.

We can’t defend our borders, our history (including monuments to past greatness) or our streets. Our cities have become anarchist playgrounds. We are a nation of dependents, mendicants, and misplaced charity. Homeless veterans camp in the streets while illegal aliens are put up in hotels. The president of the United States can’t even quote the beginning of the Declaration of Independence (‘You know – The Thing’) correctly. Ivy League graduates routinely fail history tests that 5th graders could pass a generation ago.

Crime rates soar and we blame the 2nd Amendment and slash police budgets. Our culture is certifiably insane. Men who think they’re women. People who fight racism by seeking to convince members of one race that they’re inherently evil, and others that they are perpetual victims.

We slaughter the unborn in the name of freedom, while our birth rate dips lower year by year. Our national debt is so high that we can no longer even pretend that we will repay it one day. It’s a $30-trillion monument to our improvidence and refusal to confront reality. Our ‘entertainment’ is sadistic, nihilistic, and as enduring as a candy bar wrapper thrown in the trash.

Our music is noise that spans the spectrum from annoying to repulsive. Patriotism is called an insurrection, treason celebrated, and perversion sanctified. A man in blue gets less respect than a man in a dress. We’re asking soldiers to fight for a nation our leaders no longer believe in. How meekly most of us submitted to Fauci-ism (the regime of face masks, lock-downs, and hand sanitizers) shows the impending death of the American spirit.

How do nations slip from greatness to obscurity?

  • Fighting endless wars they can’t or won’t win
  • Accumulating massive debt far beyond their ability to repay
  • Refusing to guard their borders and being inundated by an alien
  • Surrendering control of their cities to mob rule
  • Allowing indoctrination of the young
  • Moving from a republican form of government to an oligarchy
  • Losing national identity * Indulging indolence
  • Abandoning God, faith and family – the bulwarks of any stable

In America, every one of these symptoms is pronounced, indicating an advanced stage of the disease. Only God knows if America’s day in the sun is over.

We who believe in America are at this moment in time, needed to stand up to restore the U.S. to its former glory, or let it fall! However, we may now soon experience the next step in our country’s demise and I believe that it might be closer than we think!

Author Unknown

3 Responses to “End Closer Than We Think?”


    Hey!! vtmawhinney. That’s my optimist view. I can give you my pessimist one. Don’t think it may be up for posting.



    The late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) had long been dying of moral and cultural sepsis.

    This sepsis went on basically unopposed for decades and the death of the Constitutional Republic in 2020 was just a final collapse.

    The rotting corpse of our once glorious country is being devoured by the usual poisonous maggots that caused the sepsis in the first place.

    One of the most remarkable phenomena is the absolute lack of a moral and cultural immune system and the total passivity of most normal Americans that watched in idleness their country being taken over by maggots that excreted the evil acid of anti-Americanism and cultural-marxism that finally did us in.

    Even a humongous, shining monument to man’s greatness as America was can’t survive such an attack unless it fights back.

    But we didn’t fight back. We didn’t fight back.

    We let them do.

    And, man!! Did they!!

    And now it’s just a matter of time when they come to pick us up, one by one, building by building, block by block, whatever, just like the nazis did in germany with the Jews.

    The nazis are back. Very few people seem to have noticed.

    The nazis are back and in charge.

    What we are witnessing has a name, a nazi name, a german name: “gleichschaltung”

    Gleichschaltung means “all the same by force” And it was the name the nazis gave to what they did. All the same by force. A motto of collectivism.

    stalin had he same motto. mao had the same motto. fidel castro had the same motto. The north korean dwarf clown has the same motto. The current chicomms have the same motto.

    And all of our corruptocrats in Mordor on the Potomac have the same motto.

    All the same by force. nazism. gleichschaltung.

    Look around you.

    It is not any more complicated than that.

    There is only one way to stop them and everybody knows it.

    But we probably won’t.

    It takes men.

    We stopped building those.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      I finally encountered someone more negative about America’s condition than I am…and that is a difficult achievement!


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