Ya Got What Ya Had Comin!

In America’s Constitutional Republic; The People Get Exactly What They Deserve.

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One Response to “Ya Got What Ya Had Comin!”

  1. R Damaske Says:

    Hello Dr. Tom,
    The news of this past week of the mid term election was so predictable. Nothing really has changed since 2020 🤷🏼🤷‍♀️
    Actually, the results of the midterms aren’t that surprising. Coupled with a few of states and their distorted and slanted election laws, policies, voting systems, shabby vote tabulation, mail-in ballots, etc., We have a confused and clueless electorate which would choose Elmer Fudd (which would be in line with their ignorance, stubbornness and overly partisan mindset(s) over a common sense candidate, regardless of the candidate’s party affiliation.
    Our whole political and election system has turned into a high dollar three-ring-circus which ultimately gets sold to the highest bidder. Power and control is king; and the will of the voter constituent is either manipulated or which is shoved on the back burner warming plate. Vitriolic mindsets and hatred abounds between the two parties.
    “One Nation, under God”?
    Let’s face it, Dr. Tom, we’ve reached an abyss of the total opposite of a credo of a great former president, JFK.
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, rather ask what YOU can do for your country”.
    We are living in the times of a spoiled, self serving, socialistic and secular, and thankless society… free of religious and moral convictions and fueled and directed by a secular progressive media machine.

    God and the Judea Christian values have been shown the exit door. The Ten Commandments have been stripped from our court houses and public squares. “Political Correctness” has taken its place as the rule of the land.

    Spoiled and selfish it is; and the sacrifices and patriotism of our forefathers and framers of our Constitution swept aside and forgotten.
    “A Grateful Nation Remembers” of our WWII Generation has evolved in a sad case of Alzheimer’s of our younger generation. Sadly, they DON’t remember because they never were taught or had the experience of striving and struggling, like our parents did.
    Too soon we have forgotten the sacrifice and also the Grace of God which originally made our nation great and forever blessed.

    It is what it is, Dr. Tom. Until America returns to the Judea Christian principles our nation was founded on, and also repents of its wayward ways and ungratefulness, this “cancer” which has swept our land will only grow. Fear is that the “tipping point” may already be here in America.
    May God have Mercy… this isn’t what our parents and grandparents who came to this country and became citizens (legally) wanted for our future.
    The big question remains, “Do we (as a nation) really deserve any further grace and blessings from God?”
    What has our country done to deserve?

    Regards, Dr. Tom, and hope all is well with you!
    A blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!


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