America: Storm Clouds on Horizon!

According to reliable reports, the unapprehended “Gotaways’ sneaking into America are now enough to populate 3 of our states. Recently 50 men on our government’s “Terror List” were apprehended at our Southern Border. The actual numbers of terrorists, gang members, drug and sex trafficker’s who are Gotaways into America are unknown. But we have good estimates.

The radical-leftist and Marxist democrats are purposefully weakening and destroying America. There can be no other explanation for their uniformly, “seemingly inept”, rapid, and dramatically America-destructive policy changes.

Muslim terrorists have been infiltrating America for decades, using its “soft underbelly” (our many, though now declining freedoms) to prepare for our slaughter . The horrors that will explode upon us are building and will come when they come. But they will come upon us as a result of our own negligence, corruption and rank stupidity.

What follows should not be new news. Though, it will be for most Americans.

The terrorists attacks are now just a matter of when, how, and where.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/21/22

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