Summer Camp and Public Education

What would you do if you learned the following?

The summer camp you are preparing to send your child or young teen to, for one week, includes the following:

  1. There are kids sneaking in drugs and sharing them with friends.
  2. There is a lot of bullying of younger, weaker, shy, anxious, or somehow “different” kids, by older children .
  3. The Camp’s staff is permissive and do not set, or enforce appropriate disciplinary limits with misbehaving children.
  4. Chidren are taught that white people are responsible for slavery and should be ashamed of themselves. America is racist, the rich are selfish and they exploit the poor. All nonwhites are disadvantaged in various ways and should be provided equalizing advantages.
  5. If someone says something that offends another camper, they have violated that individual’s rights and will be reprimanded.
  6. There is a special program for LGBTQ children and campers must learn new gender words from a dictionary that LGBTQ action groups have invented. Campers are taught that it is disrespectful not to use those words.
  7. Campers are taught that various forms of sexual behaviors are normal; and that there is nothing right or wrong in love, providing it is consensual.
  8. There is an armed police officer that patrols the camp to ensure the order, safety and security for all campers.

If you are like my wife and I, you would never send your child or teen to such a summer camp.

And if these features are true of the school system that you send your child to for around 180 days each academic year, for 12 years, What would you do about that?

In my private life, and in my psychological practice, I have known many politically conservative parents whose children have rejected their family’s Judeo/Christian, conservative, and patriotic value systems. Many are retrospectively convinced that it was a result of their children’s educational, peer, and media experiences.

I too am convinced that corrupted educational systems can be one great factor, among many others that heavily impact their children’s beliefs, emotions and behaviors.

Welcome to the American Marxist Revolution!

What are you going to do about it?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/1/22


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