Covid Shot Cover-Up

You need to know this.

An Army M.D., was ordered not to tell the press about Covid inoculation’s damaging side-effects!

My wife and I have had our shots, but we will not have more any time soon.

Read the following article and see what you think you should do.

Understand that Dementing President Biden is Commander-in-Chief of our Military. He is ultimately responsible for this horrific cover-up.

This article was sent to me by patriot, Gordon Jones

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/16/22

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/18/22

I am grateful to my Dear Sister, Jana Martin, who read the story above about the bad side-effects of the military’s mandated Covid vaccinations and sent me a note that it was only mentioned once, in the first sentence of the article; and therefore it was easy to miss. If this one word was missed by the reader, it would rightfully cause doubt about about the “whistle blower’s” testimony.

I was in the military and painfully recall the standard shots. Of course extra vaccinations were given to military personnel that were sent to certain areas of the world.

The military has records, as indicated in the article presented above, of side-effects from these traditional vaccinations. The added mandated Covid vaccinations, for every service member, reportedly led to a large change in the military’s side-effect data.

According to the above reports, suddenly there was a significant increase in very damaging side-effects displayed in the records traditionally kept of these problems. Of course, correlation is not necessarily causation. However, with regard to vaccinations and other medical procedures, it is best to err on the cautious side such interpretations. This means that our concerns about side-effects of Covid vaccinations should be raised.

I thank Jana helping me to prevent misunderstandings of this important concern. Please see the following article. see the following article for this correction.

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