“Fair” About Immigration

“Fair” is the Federation for American Immigration Reform

President Biden’s State of The Union Address last night made clear that he was going to do absolutely nothing about America’s wide-Open borders and the horrific destruction that it is inflicting on America.

Our open borders that he has specifically championed, and with a stroke of a pen, opened like flood-gates to millions of unvetted individuals who have simply disappear somewhere into America (or are bused or flown with taxpayer monies to God-knows-where).

I am convince that this, as well as closing down our energy industry, and other harmful governmental policy changes represents a purposeful Democrat Marxist strategy to to swamp every social system we have. Former President Obama promised to “Transform America”. This was a code-word for an American Marxist Revolution and this is plain to see for those who will simply open their eyes and ears, and think what is happening through.

This “transformation” is progress towards America’s looming breaking point. Already a growing number of our youth would prefer socialism, even communism to our Constitutional way of life. It is hard to predict exactly when it will occur, but without correcting this multifaceted suicidal insanity…it is on its way.

A book I read many years ago documents the history of societies destroyed by unregulated immigration. The book was entitled “Conquest by Immigration”.

This, and many more revolutionary tactics, are now being inflicted on America, as so many of our populations attention is focused elsewhere, or they just remain in ignorance of what is unfolding in front of them.

It has been said that all politics are local. For too many Americans that means if it does not hurt me, I don’t give a damn. Such attitudes reflect the height of ethical decadence. This way of thinking is antithetical to our nation’s founding religious teachings and civic values. In a Democratic Republic, such as America’s, all of this the harbinger of a general cultural decline.

We must remedy all of this at the ballot box, or our cultural collapse could be drawing near.

Please see the following short video about the concerns championed by “Fair” and their efforts to stop an unfolding immigration catastrophe. Read the information that follows, if you have time.

This much needed organization is dedicated to reforming America’s Legal Immigration System and closing our borders, for forever to Illegal Immigrants.

Then, I hope you will vote accordingly at your every opportunity.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/3/22

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