My Crack Pipe Distributer!

I understand that these cartoons are very “tacky”. Yes, they are in bad-taste!

But, there is a damn good reason why I would “stoop so low” as the make these cartoons the centerpiece of my post.

They represent reality! And I love reality, even when the reality is very bad. Why?

Because it gives me, or any one in contact with reality, a shot at surviving it.

The reality illustrated by these images is worth many thousands of fearsome words. This reality, and others that it strongly points-to, is perfectly capable of destroying America and transforming all of our lives into hell on earth.

So, some of my readers might unfriend, or “cancel” me for this disgusting display.

But, I respectfully ask my readers to take a deep-dive into the destructive pathologies of the Biden’s as- well-as the destructive force that the Democrat Party has become to America.

I beg you to join “Fox Nation” and stream the authoritative series entitled, “Who Is Hunter Biden?”.

Do this and you will understand much more than just Hunter and his daddy!

Then please vote accordingly.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/12/22

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