The China Olympics

My dearest wife, Sally, has written the following short note to friends. It expresses only some of what we would both like to add.


I hope that as America watches the Olympics that they realize how communistic China really is. None of their everyday citizens can watch- – not on TV nor in the Olympic Village. Our athletes cannot travel within the country and have been told by Speaker Pelosi not to say anything against their government, etc. China will put on a spectacular show and they will make sure no one sees the brutality of their communistic rule. China does not have a free press and their people have no right to express themselves freely. Their government has no respect for International law or standards. Sally


History tends to repeat itself.

Hitler hosted the Olympics in 1936. He used this grand international stage to propagandize the world about the false superiority of the Arian Race.

Hitler started WWII three years later. The the 1936 Olympics hinted at what was to come.

China (North Korea, Russia and others) are now gearing-up for a war. It is important that we learn about the indications of this likely future. These current events could easily transform the current cold war into WWIII.

The following article documents this reality.

History strongly suggests that America must not vote for American political leaders who are prone to a course of appeasement to prevent war.

The following 6 minute video will document the failure of appeasement to prevent WWII.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/5/22

One Response to “The China Olympics”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    We are currently on the the same journey that lead to WWII-APPEASEMENT. Current Secretary of State,Antony Blinken currently known as Antony Neville Blinken Chamberlain. We are on the same path,Biden and his administration not only ruining the country but fanning the flames of a war to come with his cowardice and criminal activity.
    “Speak softly carry a big stick”-Teddy Roosevelt I believe coined this saying. Today we must maintain a mighty military afraid not to use and to let our adversaries ( enemies ) know we are prepared to do what is necessary to keep the peace throughout the world.


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