Wake-Up Damned Fools in America!

Cultural Survival Skills

If you are a damned-fool American responsible for furthering the Ongoing Democrat Marxist Revolution in America, please allow me to lovingly introduce you to who you are, and encourage you to wake-up and save America!

If you do not fit this category of American citizens…you will be damned anyway if you do not help the damned-fools in America to wake-up and vote accordingly!

Perish the thought! But, we will all be damned to-hell-on-earth as America and the rest of Western Civilization is “TRANSFORMED” into hellish Marxist/Socialist/Communist Societies.“Transformed” is Obama’s and the Marxist’s “nice word” for describing a cultural/political Marxist revolution!

Damned-Fool Americans do not recognize that our government and its society has been infiltrated by Marxists/Communists and Radical Islamics.

Damned-Fool Americans do not see that Western Civilization is being destroyed before their very eyes. These are the ones that put an ailing and dementing puppet-President at the head…

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