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Into The Darkness: America’s Mental Health Problems

January 19, 2022

Cultural Survival Skills

Into The Darkness: America’s Mental Health Problems

The following is an important re-blog from 10/30/09.

She had walked about three miles in the dark and was lost before she found my office. It was cold and raining as she walked through the “wrong side of town” to seek my help. Her journey took her through tough streets where rapes, robberies and gang shootings happen almost every week.

She was a very slight waif of a young woman and she hid in an over-sized hooded sweat shirt.  Her head and face were recessed into the protection of the jacket’s dark hood. She had withdrawn from the world around her.

I expressed my concern that she had walked at night through a dangerous area of our city. She said that she wasn’t afraid because when she “walks at night no one can see her”. She sat in my room with her head bent down. The hood…

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Wake-Up Damned Fools in America!

January 19, 2022

Cultural Survival Skills

If you are a damned-fool American responsible for furthering the Ongoing Democrat Marxist Revolution in America, please allow me to lovingly introduce you to who you are, and encourage you to wake-up and save America!

If you do not fit this category of American citizens…you will be damned anyway if you do not help the damned-fools in America to wake-up and vote accordingly!

Perish the thought! But, we will all be damned to-hell-on-earth as America and the rest of Western Civilization is “TRANSFORMED” into hellish Marxist/Socialist/Communist Societies.“Transformed” is Obama’s and the Marxist’s “nice word” for describing a cultural/political Marxist revolution!

Damned-Fool Americans do not recognize that our government and its society has been infiltrated by Marxists/Communists and Radical Islamics.

Damned-Fool Americans do not see that Western Civilization is being destroyed before their very eyes. These are the ones that put an ailing and dementing puppet-President at the head…

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