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“God and Science” #3

January 14, 2022

On another social discussion site, that will remain unnamed, I was insulted in various ways for having mentioned God and God’s Laws in my blogs. They have done me a great favor by abusively educating me about the aggressive intolerance of at least some anti-God folks.

Therefore, I will begin a series on “The God Question”, posting it here and there, and anywhere else I please.

I am nowhere near as educated, or articulate, about “The God Question” as are other experts. Mine is simply a layman’s informed faith that a God’s Force exists.

I will feature those far more expert on this topic than I am.

In doing so, I will lean heavily upon the marvelous PragerU five-minute videos as I feature the God Question. I also highly recommend you visit PragerU to explore your interests there.

Please consider the following:

Warm Regards, Tom


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