Pearl Harbor: 2021

It is essential to remember the trauma suffered when the Japanese savagely bombed our, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Naval Base on December 7,1941.

Younger generations may wonder why this event is so important that America memorializes it every year on this that day: “A day which will live in infamy!”, as FDR stated it. After all, it happened 80 years ago.

In a “historical blink” it soon will be 100 years ago!

This horrific event killed 2,336 of America’s finest soldiers, marines and sailors. 1,143 civilians were wounded. The of pain of this tragedy still lingers for countless Americans and their families.

This event plunged America into World War II. A war that cost America the deaths of 405,399 of our precious fighting forces to win. Freedom, wherever it existed around the world and, certainly in America, hung in the balance of our (and our allies) victories in Europe and Japan.

However, the reason’s that we solemnly remember that fateful date should include more than those mentioned above.

We had better believe that something similar to Pearl Harbor, perhaps soon and much greater, will happen again to America, and we damn-well better be prepared!

Today our weak President Biden is conferencing with Russia’s very strong President Putin who is poised to attack Ukraine. Biden will try to persuade Putin not to do that.

China is attacking our satellites, our military, intellectual property and governmental secrets through espionage and computer hackings. It is building a superior military, forbidding the use of international waters, building islands in international waters, it has developed intercontinental hypersonic missiles (that we have no defense for) and is threatening to invade Taiwan.

North Korea (a nuclear power) is developing and testing its intercontinental missiles. Following our disgraceful, poorly planned, military pull-out, radical Islamic Jihadists in Afghanistan will almost certainly again launch terrorist attacks on us within the near future. The Biden administration’s wide-open border policy will facilitate these terror initiatives.

Iran, that funds Islamic terrorism around the world, is making steady progress towards developing nuclear weapons and plainly states it will destroy Israel, our ally in the Middle East.

All of this is now happening at a time that we are in the midst of an American Socialist Revolution, perpetrated by corrupt governmental political and deep-state operatives, as well as internal and external billionaires who are funding this socially and culturally destructive juggernaut.

A Roman General once said: “If you want peace, prepare for war!”

Wake-Up America! Are you ready?!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/7/21

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