“Biden To Let Ex-Taliban Into US”

The following article is worth a read. Biden has almost certainly already let Islamic Terrorists into America as a result of his suicidal (for America) wide-open border policy.

This puppet President is controlled by those who want to destroy us. What better way to do it than to open our borders to millions of aliens, about which we know absolutely nothing.

No successful and prosperous social-culture can survive long with wide-open borders. Especially not America, as it is running on its waning Judeo/Christian morals and values, its middle-class nuclear families, its waning superior world intellectual and technological abilities, its social cohesiveness, its dependence on other nations for energy, its diminished made-in-America products, and much more waning features that were distinctively American.

Nearly all of America’s most success-ensuring features have dwindled. And, they will continue to do so more rapidly as we are open-border-flooded with alien sociocultural practices that clash with America’s history of great success.

All of this, of course, is in addition to those aliens who already have come to blow-us-up and kill us in all of the diabolical ways that they can imagine!

Nothing lasts forever. But I never thought my generation’s America would wither away so soon.

Wake-Up America! Reelect Donald Trump, or anyone who will fight for America as President Trump did!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/17/21; Back to reality from vacation!

Now see how our Puppet President Joe Biden is driving yet another nail in America’s coffin.

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