Tucker: On America’s Border Disaster

One of the things that has killed nations and their social cultures forever is “Conquest by Immigration”.

This is just one of the things that is destroying America right now.

American’s illegal, unmanaged, unvetted, open borders to the whole world is national suicide.

Too many American’s think with their emotions, and not their intellect. They rightfully feel sorry for the world’s population that is poor and living in bad and politically hostile environments. Unfortunately, they fail to understand the that our nation is floating through time, like a great life-boat. Obviously, if we allow all of those who are swimming for-their-lives in the world’s culturally troubled oceans, America will founder sink to oblivion, with all of it’s citizens being sucked down by their own irrational and irresponsible self-destructive inaction.

Millions of illegal immigrants are flooding into America. They include a large numbers who are Covid infected, uneducated, gang members, drug cartel members, sex trafficker’s, and terrorist’s from around the world (not just Central America).

True patriots will care to do everything they can to stop America’s destruction. They will certainly remember that their children and grandchildren, as well as their other loved ones will soon live in an American hell, as a result of their inaction.

Finally, it is absolutely essential for all American’s to understand that virtually everything that is presently killing America has been made worse by the ongoing American Marxist Revolution. It is central to the Marxist playbook to degrade and weaken societies in order to “Transform” them by revolution.

Please take the time to understand the truth of the politics of America’s present border horror. As clearly explained by Tucker Carlson.

Tom Mawhinney, 8/21/21


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