Visit With Dennis Prager

It has been my pleasure to post PragerU’s 5 minute videos on various topics related to society, culture, economics and politics, etc..

Dennis Prager, who is a very smart man, has organized PragerU and also publishes periodic very though-provoking “Fire-Side Chats” about important topics.

Mr. Prager, is a unique individual. He starts by talking about whatever seems to come to mind, including speaking to his dogs who may wander on and off the set.

If I am pressed for time I may scroll through his somewhat quirky introductions. If I have the time, I can always enjoy a quirk or two. This is because I can be somewhat quirky myself!

No matter what, when he very shortly get the meat of his topics for that session, he is most impressive in his command of his facts and excellent judgments upon the subject matter.

I hope you will take time to join this Fireside Chat and visit his webcite to view his many 5 minute videos on important topic of the day.

If you are so inclined, I hope you will support his great work with a donation.

Tom Mawhinney, 7/21/21

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