Radical Islam’s Most Powerful Weapon: Stealth Jihad

It is now 7/16/21 and all of this has intensified throughout Western Civilization. Furthermore, an American Marxist Revolution is well underway with a new law proposed censoring media speech. The Same is now true of Canada. There now are many growing points of attack upon Western Civilization and long-hidden from popular news, it will soon be hidden within other venues. Western Nations are systematically being destroyed and a great percent of their citizens do not even realize it. I urge everyone to read Mark R Levin’s new book, American Marxism.

Cultural Survival Skills

Radical Islam’s Most Powerful Weapon: Stealth Jihad

I continue to read extensively on the topic of cultural decline.

There are a great many ways in which cultures are weakened and eventually lose their vitality and ability to function at adaptive levels.

It is thought that modern historically successful cultures do not collapse, as countless primitive ones have done.

Rather, they are taken-over by other cultures. That is to say that the culture’s mores, folkways, practices, and behavioral traditions change to the extent that its original cultural features are greatly diminished and supplanted by new ones. Although the geographical location of the original culture may not change, it can be “transformed” by powerful biopsychsocial/environmental forces to the point that it is no longer what it once was.

Of course, determining the quality of such transformations is a human value judgment. For example, Germany, Japan, and Italy were transformed by the occurrence…

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