Fathers With Children: Critically Important

The following is a very important 5 minute video.

It will reveal one of the major American failures that is greatly contributing to the lawlessness and violence damaging our society.

Sadly, it is just one of the major American social failures, there are too many to recount here.

But, in this blog it is good to focus on just this one. Not only is it a major American failure, it will be one of the most difficult to correct.

Never the less, knowing a major causal factor of a very bad problem can provide the focus and motivation for improving that problem. This is an essential step if America wishes to evolve healthy, happy, and long.

I have been a professor teaching and studying child development and developmental psychopathology for many years. I am still a practicing psychologist with 50 years of combined professional experience. Bases on all I have learned, I can assure you that this five minute video on the importance of fathers, or father-figures, with children is spot-on.

However, this video does not “connect the dots” regarding the importance of father loving involvement with their children regarding the rate of growth of LGBTQ children and youth in America and elsewhere.

This video agrees with the scientific research data on father absence and child development. It also correctly reports that having a close relationship with a “father figure” in a child’s life can help to ameliorate common father absent problems.

Please watch this video and see for yourself.


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