Socialism Will Ruin America

If you do a search on the topic of “socialism”, on the upper right side of my home page, you will see that I have written a great deal about this death-dealing pathological form of government and political philosophy.

For now, I am tired of writing about it.

So, why don’t you listen to an illegal immigrant from Venezuela tell you why you must fight against socialism with all your might…through our elections, of course!

Providing, that is, they do not find ways to corrupt our electoral process, which is just one of many Marxist revolutionary strategies.

Please see the following 5 minute, PragerU video!

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One Response to “Socialism Will Ruin America”

  1. dolphinwrite Says:

    I remember, while growing up, people saying to mind your own business, in the sense, that what is going on in the neighborhood is not your business. In a sense, they’re right, for I would never want to “watch” other people, but we should be mindful of what is happening in our world. Look what’s happened in America because good people looked the other way.


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