The Terrifying Chinese River Dance

Thanks to Patriot Lee Hornack for sending me this delightful video, Chinese version of the “Irish River Dance”.

I was amazed that it was so thought-provoking for me. You will love the video below, It is simply stunning. But it is more than an artistic display of “Me dear Irish heritage”.

As I watched the Chinese version, of this marvelous dance, I was forced to the thought that the Chinese would win in a judged contest between them and the Irish version.

Then, there was an odd and foreboding feeling that slowly crept into my consciousness. I watched their amazingly complex and absolutely perfect, performance in awe.   Not only were their movements robotic-like, but so were their broad smiles. Every face had a “frozen” smile on it. The smiles appeared to be “painted-on”, and they were there on every dancer’s face, from the beginning to the very end. 

Finally, I judged that their version of the River Dance reflected the unique political and cultural ability of the Chinese to motivate their population to maniacal robot-like feats of precision, courage  and endurance.  

I was reminded of their unique ability to incorporate the very best of other culture’s artistic, economic, and technological accomplishments into their own unique civilization and replicate them to levels of superiority.   

In the case of technology, China’s superior and unrelenting intelligence system allows them to spy on America’s advancing technological achievements and steal them for their own. This, theoretically, allows the Chinese to remain at least equal with America’s technological advancements. If so, it will be ahead of all other nations in the world. 

I recalled it the Korean War (1950-1953). It was a hellish war and a horrifically costly one in American blood and wealth. Around 40,000 Americans were killed and approximately 100,000 were wounded.

China entered that war, as well as Russia, and around 4 million people, including citizens died as a result. Countless citizens were massacred. The North Koreans and the Chinese soldiers were much like the North Vietnamese fighters in that war. They were relentless and charged into intense firefights, wave after wave, seemingly with no fear of death.

The Chinese and North Vietnamese fighting forces, are drawn from cultures where not following orders, rules and expectations can lead to imprisonment and/or death for the offender. I have also learned that families can be held responsible for the deviant actions of their members.

Finally, I have heard from veterans that if North Vietnam troops did not follow orders to charge into machine gun fire and near certain death, that there were designated soldiers behind them that were ordered to shoot to kill them. If this is true, like most everyone, these soldiers did not want to die. I will guess that many were just playing the lethality odds in that context. Life is cheap in Communist/Dictatorial nations. Therefore, the same is true in China. See Below and pay particular attention to capital crimes for soldiers.

My dear departed life-long friend, Daniel Bays Ph.D. was a highly respected and noted Professor of history. His specialty was China in general and specifically, the growth of Christianity there. Dan and his lovely wife, Jan, made many trips to china, where he lectured and met with Intellectuals, Christian leaders and friends. I recall asking Dan ,when he was a young college student, why he was so interested in China. His answer was that he though China would one day be a “world power”.

Dan liked to say of things, when he judged that they were correct: “That is spot-on!”

With regards to the rise of China, now decades later and a world power in direct competition with America for dominance in the world: You were spot-on about China!

God’s Blessings to you and all of your loved ones, my dear friend.

This video is dedicated to you.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/23/21

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