“Dear Black Thugs”: A Message For You and All Other Thugs!

All that this blog and article addressed, in 2013, has gotten dramatically worse in America. This is because the Ongoing American Marxist Revolution has gained-steam over the past few decades to it’s stunning manifestations today.

The radicalized Marxist Democratic Party has used America’s schools, universities, the media and now the political actions of big business to propagandize Americans. They have flooded our society with ideologies antithetical our Constitution and traditional values. The following are just some examples:  Critical Theory, Intersectionality Theory, Identity Politics, Woke culture, Cancel Culture, Diversity, Inclusion, Equality of Outcome, White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Sexual Fluidity, open borders, sanctuary cities, defunding the police, marginalizing religion, reducing the middle class, deconstructing the family and marriage, destroying our historical monuments and much, much more.

All weakening America’s traditional values, mores, folkways, and solidarity.  All catalyzing profound social divisions and conflicts within our population.  All revealing the complex Marxist plan to stress this great nation to its breaking point and then to complete its “Transformation of America” to a Socialist State!

Cultural Survival Skills

“Dear Black Thugs”: A Message For You and All Other Thugs!

The message below is written to black thugs. But it is also a message that expresses my feelings and that of many good American’s about our thugs of all races.

It is certainly not written to the good law-abiding members of our black population who work hard, obey the law, raise their children with love, humane discipline and dedication, and who treat others people with kindness and respect.

I think the author was targeting the black population who are dedicated to intimidating, exploiting and harming others.  These are the  ones you know at a glance, but are afraid to admit  it publicly. The ones that snap a hard-look over to their shoulders when you drive by them; The ones that walk like they are kings of the street and ready for a fight…or worse: The ones that hold “their privates” as they stand around shooting menacing looks…

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