Ridiculing American Marxism: The Wrong-Side of History

Those who voted for Biden and Harris have knowingly, or ignorantly, strengthened the the ongoing American Marxist Revolution. The word ignorant is not intended to insult to anyone…it is just a factual condition about ones knowledge-base in some area.

I am ignorant about many things. Some of which I will happily remain so.

As a practicing psychologist, I am careful to confess my relative ignorance in medicine, financial planning, law, and other areas that  would be unethical for me to pretend that I have expertise in.

I continue my studies about my life’s work, which includes all aspects of human behavior, including social and cultural evolution, as well as organized political behavior patterns and their consequences; both immediate and long-term. 

Many of my future blogs will present carefully considered arguments as to why American Marxism, and those who support it are on the wrong-side of history.

I care for all Americans, including those who voted in favor of the our Marxist Revolution. I even love some of them who are friends and family members.

I do hate Marxism and the death and destruction it has caused to societies through history and all around the world. I hate what it is now doing, and what is will continue to do to America if not courageously battled and defeated through our Constitutional democratic processes.

While I will endlessly criticize and ridicule American Socialism, I will not vilify my honest, well-intentioned and peaceful fellow citizens who politic and vote on the wrong-side of American history. 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/17/21


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