How Circumvent Marxist Censorship!

One of the foundational strategies used by America’s Marxist Revolutionary forces is Censorship.

It has been upsetting to see that many of my non-profane, patriotic posts on this blog have been censored by Face Book and perhaps in other places.

Now comes the news that Facebook and Twitter has censored the President of the United States from posting his thoughts on these social media. Also, Parler, a free social discussion platform has been closed down by Apple.

Given that the mainstream media has refused to cover President Trump’s good accomplishments, vilified and slandered him at every opportunity, he used these and other methods to speak directly to the citizens of the United States. Now these platforms have excluded him from this ability, along with many other conservative voices.

Our Founding Fathers knew that freedom of speech among citizens and the news media was the life-blood of our Constitutional Representative Republic.  The First Amendment was created to absolutely, and above all, protect free speech in America.

A great number of knowledgeable American citizens, are now traumatized by watching our mainstream media brazenly destroy our First Amendment by monopolizing and then censoring what can be printed or said in public. The leftists, in virtually every domain of of our social lives, media, law and government champion censorship through Politically Correct Speech restrictions and their so-called Cancel-Culture. As you may know, the cancel-culture uses any way possible (I.e., governmental power, media slander, and legal advantages); to ruin the lives of important conservatives and other population “speech deviants”. 

It should be obvious that America’s Modern Marxist Revolution has gained the power to destroy our Constitutional First Amendment and  accelerate the loss of individual freedoms through increasingly tyrannical governmental prohibitions and sanctions.

Our society is already in a grievous state of decline. Unless our nation’s Marxist Resolution is defeated, it will certainly cause the collapse of worlds greatest “Land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Now, please see how you can avoid Leftist/Marxist censorship and social/political persecution in cyberspace.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/10/20

Your up-to-date guide to avoiding internet censorship

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