Tucker: The Capitol Riot

Tucker: The Capitol Riot

This is the biggest of many blows against America’s Constitutional Republic by the perpetrators of our ongoing Marxist Revolution!

This fact should be as vividly clear to us a the sight and smell of a dog turd in the middle of our living rooms.

I am in total agreement with Tucker. 

Are You?!

If not, tell me why not, please.

Tom Mawhinney, 1’8/21

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One Response to “Tucker: The Capitol Riot”

  1. Jim Kanning Says:

    I agree totally. We should have a commission to determine if fraud occurred in these states. If fraud was present, recount the legal ballots and determine a winner. If there was no fraud, we will accept the results. But we need to be reassured that this election was not a fraud. If we don’t, we may never have a legal election in the future.


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