Biden’s China Capers: The Facts!

Biden’s China Capers: The Facts!

Dear Friends and Family, 

You must see this video. A vote for Biden and too soon to take his place, Kamala Harris, is a vote for America’s destruction.

Harris is a radical Marxist. There is no doubt about that and she will move to socialize America in ways that cannot be reversed.

Biden is a life-long corrupt politician, living off the the lucrative connections that his office provides him and distributing millions of dollars to himself and  his family members. 

The following video will carefully and authoritatively document many strongly telling facts. I beg you to watch much of this video and forward this posting to everyone you know.

My only misgiving about this video is that it is very long and I doubt that many will wish to watch the entire thing. Also, there are several intruding ads that mare the presentation. 

However, please, please see the some of this video. To save time, terminate the ads and sample ( just forward as often as you must) your way through much of this presentation. It will take only a handful of samples for you to understand the Truth about Joe Biden’s corrupt activities, greatly harming America; and you and your loved ones.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/24/20  




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