Anarchists In America: Who and Why?

Anarchists In America: Who and Why?

I am always astonished at what the mainstream media fails to cover in the network T.V. and print Media.

Therefore, I am asking my family and friends to please watch booth Fox News (a conservative leaning news outlet), as well as main-stream media resources. 

Doing ones intellectual due-diligence in making such important important decisions as to who to vote for in America’s Presidential Election is to be commended. 

Watching only one side of such a great issue is pure negligence…leading to pure ignorance…and a bad outcome for America.

See what Tucker Carlson has to say…Then go watch CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc..

Watch this video and then recall that candidate Biden scoffed at President Trump’s characterization of Antifa as a “terrorist organization”. Biden asserted that it was not, “it’s an idea not an organization”.

Please watch the following video and then think about what that statement, from a possible future President of The United States, really implies. 

Then vote accordingly!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/4/20/27/20

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