“It’s Just A Mask”: Or Is It?!

“It’s Just A Mask”: Or Is It?!

Well, it is hard to know at this moment.

Psychotic levels of paranoia are an interesting study. Often those those who suffer from paranoia are articulate, intelligent and…if we buy their underlying assumptions, we could be convinced of their perspective.

Connecting the so called “dots”, can be a hazardous to the perception of reality. Or, it can be brilliantly spot-on!

So it is with these words of warning that I preface the following disturbing video.

Make no doubt about the fact that Covid 19 can be a very deadly disease. But now, after much research, we have learned that is is primarily a great hazard to the elderly and perhaps other age groups if they have other medical conditions that amplify its deadly effects. 

The counter-balancing concerns are that a cultural over-reaction to Covid 19 can be even more damaging to a culture’s welfare than the loss of life. I know that this statement sounds callous. But this qualitative matter must be evaluated in light of its context.

It’s sort-of-like warfare, when the general determines that one strategic attack on an enemy’s position will kill X number of our own soldiers, but another will kill X plus 1000’s more of our soldiers. The only option, if both can logically work, is to employ the one that will cost less lives.

With Covid 19, making this calculation is very difficult. After-all, Shutting down the economy is financially ruinous to countless individuals, businesses, municipalities, states and finally to the tax flow that supports the existence our federal government. All of this can destroy the health of a population (the collapse of our essential institutions, financial stress, bankruptcy, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, divorce, suicide, riots and other crimes, as well as increased psychopathology among children and adolescents. All of this can lead to governmental failure, revolution and the rise of illegitimate governments; or other power structures.

The following video, warns that what we see happening, may not be “really what is really happening”!

I stop short of endorsing the following video. I present it, simply to alert my reader to be alert to what is happening to America, both now and in the near future. 

I also assert to you, that the choices that we make at the polls in November 2020. could well determine the life or death of America: The greatest Constitutional Republic the world has ever known. 

To make matters even worse: It appears that the legitimacy of our voting process may be in danger.

Please consider the following: 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/1/20, (With thanks to Vic Palenske for alerting me to this video).

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