Tucker: On Democrat Demagogues

Tucker: On Democrat Demagogues

The Word “Demagogue” refers to politicians who gain political support by fanning the flames of population wants and prejudices, rather than providing a detailed rational argument for their objectives. Demagogues are often gifted at manipulating people, the press and general entertainment media.

America! Do not listen to democrats’ disastrous leftist platitudes. Look at how they have destroyed America’s once great cities, run exclusively by them for decades.  https://amac.us/americas-25-worst-cities-are-democrat-led-the-answer-new-leaders/

Look at the Fact that there have been ongoing riots with intimidation and physical aggression to innocent people….even death and fiery attacks on police vehicles, stations, homes and businesses for months.  https://www.foxnews.com/us/rioting-across-the-nation-leaves-cities-reeling-as-hundreds-arrested-national-guard-called-in-businesses-damaged-and-at-least-one-dead

All of this social chaos, most accurately named ANARCHY, is ongoing with not a word of concern from America’s now corrupt Democrat party and their equally corrupt main-stream network news media.  I have searched Google for facts about the obvious mainstream news and Democrat party black-out on the wide-spread destructive an murderous rioting across America, but this critically important new is largely blacked-out of that search engine. Who would have guessed?!

It has been proven over and over that Democrats cannot run America’s great cities. Therefore, how in the hell does anyone expect Democrats can run our entire nation?!

Where is the proof of Democrat superior governance?!

Where is the proof of Democrat patriotism?!

Where is the proof that Democrats support America’s Constitution?!

Where is the proof that Democrats are now anything but a radical leftist Marxist Revolutionary force, bent on the destruction of America?!

The proof of this last allegation is all around you; providing the Democrats and their main-stream media would stop conspiring to black-it-out of your perceptual field! 

Let Fox New’s Tucker Carlson show you the reality of our traitorous Democrat-led American Marxist Revolution.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/27/20

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2 Responses to “Tucker: On Democrat Demagogues”

  1. WILLIAM H Says:

    Moe , I’ve come to the conclusion that we are now in a do or die situation. ANTIFA,BLM are a communist organization,or communist backed. Their violence is escalating with the intent of taking over this gov’t. With the election least than 60 days more tryanny, destruction and death are going to follow. I don’t know if this can be settled at the ballot box now…..they see the most opportunity since 1920. Pray for God’s intervention with all my weapons at the ready. God bless-Huck ________________________________


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Huck, I fully endorse very word of your comment. Thanks, this is another of America’s trials by fire. But, please tell me the significance of 1920 regarding an attempted leftist take-over of America. Moe


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