Trump Fights New World Order!

Trump Fights New World Order!

Only dullard democrats, republicans, independents and the uncommitted would miss the fact that America is now in grave danger of unraveling into total chaos: The political term for this socio-political state is anarchy. Anarchy tends to precede great revolutions!

America has not seen this level of existential peril since its Revolutionary war against Great Britain and its terrible Civil War. You can add World War II, if you like. But, for many reasons, I think America’s current state of decline and incipient anarchy is a much greater threat than WWII.

Most citizens have no idea about what has led to America’s great contemporary crisis. But, I pray that most do understand that we are now in great crisis…and on the very brink of our nation’s socialcultural destruction.

I fear that most do not understand that our traditional Democrat Party no longer exists. In its place is a deeply corrupted radical-leftist-Marxist party bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a socialist-communist World-Order State. America’s “Transformed” nation in which independence, freedom and prosperity is then just a fading dream; lost in a historical ocean of countless millions of precious defending patriot’s blood and sacrifice.

I also fear that most Americans do not understand that many in our traditional Republican Party have also been corrupted by the need to remain in power and enrich themselves through their politically-based privileged connections.

As we near our 2020 Presidential Election, our greatest danger is that most Americans do not understand that it is America’s Last Stand. The outcome of this election spells America’s Life or Death.

If Biden (who is obviously suffering from a progressing dementia) and Kamala Harris (clearly a radical leftist “Manchurian Candidate”) win; Biden will soon be replace by Kamala Harris.  As President of the United States, Harris will surely accelerate our terrifying downward slide into the present hell of our Leftist-Democrat dying major cities…and the dead, dying, and murderous Socialist/Communist nations throughout world history. 

Are you familiar with what has recently happened to Venezuela. Please research this if you do not know.        

President Trump is a “tough-as-nails”, deeply patriotic, incorruptible “gorilla-fighter” for America and all of its citizens (To him all lives matter). He is strongly threatening the financial and political power structure of corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans. These corrupted politicians and haters of America have been doing every deceitful, even illegal, thing possible to destroy President Trump. 

If they destroy President Trump with their unremitting evil attacks upon him; they will destroy you and your loved ones as well.

For those who don’t like Trump’s personality, and I am sometimes one; we would not have liked Gen. George Patton’s personality either. But, he sure kicked the shit out of WWII enemies hell-bent on killing America! So it is with our President Trump.

Trump is courageously fighting against unimaginably rich and powerful internal and international forces that are designing and funding their ongoing Marxist Revolution in America.

Wake-Up America!

The video below will detail the truth about the clandestine actions of this “World-Order” force, totally dedicated to destroying (i.e., “Transforming”) and controlling all of America!

I Beg you to watch this video to its end. 

Then please then vote accordingly.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/16/20


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