America’s Manchurian Candidate!

America’s Manchurian Candidate!

Biden is the puppet candidate for the American Marxist Revolution, now well underway among gullible American “Sheeple”. Sheeple is a term coined by radio star and author, Michael Savage. The meaning of this term is unmistakable.

Most voters do not know who candidate Biden really is. So, shortly, I will reveal who this potential President of the United States really is. What I will show you should be all that you will ever need to make an informed decision about Biden’s candidacy.

Let me “change gears” for a moment.

It is a well-known Marxist/leftist revolutionary axiom that if you tell a lie often enough, many people will believe that lie. They call these believer-pawns, used to echo their lies, “useful idiots”. 

It is another well known Marxist/leftist revolutionary strategy to repeatedly accuse your enemy of doing the very same thing that you are doing. From a psychological perspective, this is a lame self-defense used by narcissists, those suffering from some form of paranoia and/or psychopathic individuals.

It is another well-known Marxist/leftist strategy to use people they call “useful idiots” to further their revolutionary goals. The planners then they discard them, or “do-away-with-them” using any means available or necessary, in order to solidify the power of a chosen few. Sometimes the planers themselves are done-away-with and those who grab the power emerge as a surprise! 

So it is with the modern Marxist/leftist Democrat party that repeatedly calls America’s duly elected President Trump “dumb”, “ignorant”, “stupid”, a “liar”, a “cheat”, a “racist”, a “pathological narcissist”, a “communist fraternizer”,  and “a traitor”, etc., etc..

All of this often works…Just as it has through history within societies that were “transformed” to Marxist/Leninist socialism and communism under the totalitarian rule of murderous tyrants. Many of these Transformed nations have forced America to wage great wars against them sacrificing hundreds of thousands of our young men and women to defeat, contain, or in one case; finally just give-up and go home.

For decades, America’s external and internal Marxist-Leftist-Revolutionaries have focused their unremitting evil force upon “Transforming America”. And they are succeeding!

Please watch and listen carefully to their “useful idiot” puppet candidate below. Understand that, if elected President of the United States, Biden will be replaced by a true Marxist-Leftist President as soon as it is to the revolutionary puppet-master’s advantage to do so. 

Understand also, that a vote for this Manchurian Candidate, or anyone else but President trump, is a vote in favor of the ongoing American Marxist/Leninist Revolution.

America will live or die by your vote.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/23/20

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