American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned! #2

American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned! #2

Dear friends and fellow patriots, 

I have been alive and paying attention to demonstrations and riots in America for a long time. 

I have never seen anything like what is happening in America at this time. There is an evil confluence of events that are collectively and  massively damaging all Levels of government and every one of its institutions and agencies, including the thoughts and actions of our population.

Please try a simple thought experiment: Just try to name our institutions or agencies not strained to its max by all of the problems now being inflicted upon America.

Consider our economy, schools, universities churches, health care, small businesses, agriculture, families, military, police, fire, citizens of all ages, mental health, health care, our collective spirituality and morality. Astonishingly,  even our governments…torn and nearly frozen by conflict, shot-through by radical liberal judges, radical news and entertainment media; as well as leftist revolutionary elected officials who lie, cheat, impede and become millionaires while doing so. 

All of this, correlated with, or caused by America’s lethal geopolitical enemies (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, global radical Islam, and a revolutionary “Deep State” within our own government; all working in what appears to be coordination, to destroy our homeland in every way possible. Whether this is an actual cabal, or just correlated events, this blizzard  of  threatening events remains an undeniable fact.

Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. They warned us that America’s Constitutional Republic was ours….only “If you can keep it.”

America’s cataclysmic end may now be appearing on our existential horizon. 

I beg you to see the following video. I know most of it to be factual and I have found that very few of its details are debatable.

Our job is to determine if there are enough facts within this video to influence our thoughts and actions in the directions that it’s central message implores. 
I have decided in the affirmative long before seeing this video. Now it is for you to decide and to act accordingly!
V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/18/20
With thanks to patriots Gordon Jones and Lee Hornack who sent this video to me.

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One Response to “American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned! #2”

  1. WILLIAM H Says:

    Moe this is as good of platform to ramble on,talking about anything and everything. I will turn 79 the 30th of September,knowing you will be following shortly after in 2021. Never thought of getting,being older,much less than being old. The pundits say old is when you reach 65,I don’t know .like so many other things if its true ,in fact really don’t care what they say. I’ve become a skeptic in the worse way not believing in much of what takes place in our world today. I have many questions regarding religion,the bible,however hold steadfast to my belief in GOD, almost seems like an oxymoron but I do trust that the Almighty wanted us to have questions and doubts to test our faith.Socially I’m a loner and it becomes more pronounced as I age.Choosing is my choice,the circle so small it fits on a pin head. I play tennis with several have a sounding board with discussions about God and that’s about it. I keep busy taking care of the house and read much.much more than in my younger days-“Blitz’ by David Horowitz is currently my interest. Based on his analyst Trump will trounce Biden. Enjoyed your articles on Marists/Leninist in America,so true and America sleeps. Congrats on the publish in the newspaper. I get angry then say the hell with it all,I’ll pass on and in a generation will be forgot if not sooner. Come back as a black man working in the diamond mines,ha!!! There is something to reincarnation,how many people have lived on this earth,passed,science says 60 -70 billion. Can you imagine a forgiving God ,one of love who forgives all,the earth could not hold all of us or maybe it could when the end comes if there is an end-another test of faith. I do think about you and Sally lots but mostly in slience with limited contact which isn’t done purposely,just what I’ve morphed into.. I know now why they don’t take old men in the service,we are taking to much time peeing.pooping to make a difference. Our parents generation almost gone and we have 4 gens ahead of us,each seeming to understand less about life,liberty,freedom,as if they are born brainless. I read, make up my own mine,reflect on why we are here and God’s ultimate purpose,hold to the faith which can be one hell of a ride. God bless take care and keep those articles flowing-Huck. ________________________________


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