“How the Left Ruins Everything”

“How the Left Ruins Everything”

This title may sound like a gross exaggeration.

However, if you have lived for 50 years beyond your 20th birthday, you might not be surprised by the following dose of reality.

One of the important principles of psychology is named “habituation”. The fact is that our senses (I.e., we!) become “habituated-to” (I.e., get used too) stimuli, stimulation, or aspects of environments that we repeatedly experience, or are exposed to over a long period of time.

But, no matter your age, it is essential that you evaluate the following.

So it is with our physical, social, and political environments. It is a fact that, if these environmental changes occur slowly, or in smaller increments over time, “we get used to them”, that is to say they seem normal, unremarkable, or tolerableĀ to us.

If such changes occur rapidly, all at once, or with great magnitude, we may experience them as very unpleasant and seek to escape them. In sociocultures, these efforts can take the form of mass migrations to other environs more to our liking (like that of America’s founding populations). More to the point, the escape response of populations can also take the form or rebellion, or actual revolution (Like that of America’s Founding Father’s).

Over the past 50 years, and actually longer, leftist social and political changes have been incrementally accruing in America. A significant percent of America’s population, habituated to these changes, is now moving towards a voting majority. Could the title of this publication,“How the Left Ruins Everything”, and following video be a foreboding harbinger of our future?

I fear that America is approaching a point of no peaceful return. I pray that I am wrong.

It is clear to me that the following video presents the truth about the gathering forces of our great undoing.

America had better vote conservative!

Thanks to the patriots as PragerU.

See what you think.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/4/20

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