Coronavirus: The Beginning of the End?!

Coronavirous: The Beginning of the End?!

A friend of mine recently wrote me. He was ending his vacation in a nice warm place a couple of weeks early. He wanted to return home to isolate himself and his wife from the Coronavirus.

He likes to tease me. So he asked: “Is this the beginning of the end?!”

I like to tease him back. So I wrote: “No, that happened with the Big Bang!”

At first, I thought is was just a fun answer, that I had never thought too much about.

However, I began to think my “clever” repartee just might, in fact, be true!

So, I decided to research the idea that the Big Bang was the first thing to happen in what we now call the Universe.

I hope you enjoy the following two articles about the Big Bang. From now-on, I will call this cosmological theory the Big Gordian’s Knot Theory. There is far less certainty about the birth of our universe than I had though!

I admit to getting somewhat lost in the details of these two articles, though I do get the big picture.

From all that I can tell, the experts have informed me that we know a heck of a lot less about the so-called Big Bang, than I thought we did. . It may not be the first thing to have happened in the evolution of our universe.

I am working to be a better psychologist than I am a cosmologist….Oops!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  3/20/20

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