America’s Youth: What’s Wrong?!

America’s Youth: What’s Wrong?!

Well, a lot is wrong. America’s many problems are too numerous and complex to discuss in one blog. However, I have discussed a great many problems in previous blogs and I strongly endorse the content of this wonderfully honest video. 

Prager University has generated the following video that identifies what they (and I) consider to be some of the most vital socio-cultural deficits leading to America’s great decline.

As a professor of psychology and practicing psychologist, during the past 50 years, I have painfully witnessed the American decline identified in this video. I can assure you that it is real, given the many employees, teachers, police/firefighters, parents, children and families that I have treated.

I hope you will view this important video and understand that President Trump, putting politics second to America’s general welfare,  has done more to address these deficits than any modern President. He must have four more years to continue his herculean effort.

Then, in future elections, America must elect other leaders that will follow his lead to continue this absolutely essential efforts. 

This is your reality America: Work to change it or continue to suffer the hellish consequences.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/14/20



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  1. WILLIAM H Says:

    God,Country,Family,-right on,couldn’t have said it better. ________________________________


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