To My Dear Readers

To My Dear Readers

My Web cite and Bog has been censored by Facebook!

That is odd because I do not post indecent pictures or use profanity. Nor do I sell any products, or in anyway, make money off of my blog site.

My dear father once told me that “a writer has to write”. Long ago, I discovered to my delight that I am a writer and so this is what I do.

I have written and published professional articles in psychology journals, two books (one in second edition) and many blogs. 

I have been posting on my personal blog about Cultural Survival Skills since June of 2009. I now have over 1900 posts with over 1500 comments by readers.

I write because, as a professor of psychology (36 years), I studied the psychological determinants of the health and decline of our society and many others. 

As a practicing psychologist (46 years), I have witnessed the determinants of the psychological health and decline of countless individuals and their families.

I do not write out-of-vanity. Among writers I am a “small potato”, so to speak. 

I write for personal catharsis and to help people and my country, in my own very small way. 

At 78 years of age, I have many loved ones that I hope will have successful and happy lives in America. Many of them have children and their children may have children. I want the best for them and I want the best for you and your children’s children also.

Therefore, I present what I judge Americans need to know, and to do, to help insure that our Constitutional Republic remains viable and able to evolve-well into the future.

I also feel compelled to sound warnings when I judge that our voting public and collective political actions are leading to self-destructive outcomes for my nation. My recommendations for better outcomes are based upon what I have learned as a student and professor of psychology, a psychotherapist, my readings of history, and just living my life as well as I can.

I am still doing the best that I can do, so the rest is up to you.

Please consider sending my blog URL to friends and loved ones, 

You may wish to “follow” my blog (and suggest that others also do so) by typing an your Email address in my “follow” window at the top-right of my blog page.

Thanks for your readership. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Tom Mawhinney, 2/23/2020



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