Education In Oakland: @#%@!!

Education In Oakland: @#%@!!

Look-Out for radical liberals/leftists/socialists and their public systems of education. 

All citizens need to read this article and take the time to watch Oakland California teachers and parents behaviors at a school board meeting.

Be sure not to miss the large frame video about half way through the article! Just click on “continue reading”.

California is often “credited” for producing cultural trends that spread through the rest of America.

We had better hope that this reputation becomes a thing of the past.

Please note that parents and teachers are protesting schools of choice. They are also protesting about so many students being sent to “reform school” settings.

It is not hard to see and understand why reform school settings are needed for so many of their students.

Just watch the actions of their parents and teachers!

Research Psychologists have documented a very powerful influences on learning (I.e., expectations, beliefs, values, emotions and behaviors). We call this influence Modeling and Imitation.

Perhaps you recall grandma’s old saying, “Monkey see, monkey do”.

Psst…..We are the monkeys!

Now, don’t get your “undies in a bundle” over my use of an old American common saying. Yes, I know we are not monkeys. Nor are we birds (I.e., “Birds of a feather flock together”).

Also, You can be sure that race and ethnicity have nothing to do with the basic mechanisms of learning to which I make partial reference.

America had better face the facts that our citizens learn in ways very similar to the ways other animals do; and sadly, we are not as smart as we think we are when it comes to managing our own behavior.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/26/19

VIDEO: Melee at Oakland school board meeting as teachers jump barrier, clash with cops

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2 Responses to “Education In Oakland: @#%@!!”

  1. gordyjones Says:


    I’d seen this story. A couple of things stood out to me, other than the rude and abusive crowd, who have undoubtedly taught their kids that violent protest is ok.

    One, the board noted that the Oakland school district is almost bankrupt – could that be because of the Socialist nature of much of California, promising way beyond their ability to pay? From what I gathered, the new board was trying to cope with shortage of funds by closing schools – ?

    Two, the crowd wanted to do away with Charter Schools. Maybe I’m naive, but I’ve heard nothing but good about achievement levels and good behavior from kids at charter schools around the nation – unless you’re talking to a public school union official or teacher from a poorly performing school who’s afraid of competition. Why would the crowd not want more Charter schools?

    Three: abolish the classroom-to-prison pipeline? – what are they supposed to do with unruly kids, avoid facing the issue until somebody goes off the rails, like the shooter at Parkland HS, whom the administration had left in school because they jumped into Obama’s lenient disciplinary policies with both feet?


    Also in education la-la land, did you see the Seattle (another socialist haven) school news?:



    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Gordy, I think you are spot-on with your observations. Given that the riot included both parents and teachers, I assume that they each may have had different and overlapping agenda items. Teachers would have hated the hated school of choice because it might damage their job prospects and power. Parent might have hated the reform school growth because it incarcerates their barbarian children and there might be more of this. Thanks for your thoughts! Tom


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