Where Do They Go Potty?

Where Do They Go Potty?

I tried to explain the social and environmental harm that radical liberal policies were doing to San Francisco to a friend . He was skeptical of my assessment. I told him that I had read an article that documented the concerns of San Francisco business leaders that these radical liberal changes were damaging to national and international commerce there.

My friend could not believe that the city he had visited in the past could ever loose its wonderful charm and not continue to a prime convention/vacation attraction.

I had been to San Francisco on two occasions for professional conferences. My first visit was around 30 years ago and I loved that “City by the Bay”. I did notice people living on side-streets in what appeared to be large cardboard boxes; and could not avoid being in the proximity of a couple of raving schizophrenic men. At a trolley stop a psychotic man rapidly approached me, stopped about 12 inches from me, screamed something in my face and was gone as quickly as he had arrived. I was stunned and shaken by the experience, but recovered quickly and continued to enjoy my stay.

I fell in love with San Francisco.

About ten years later, I returned for another convention and I found that the city streets had gotten much worse.  I stayed in a hotel about three city blocks from the convention hotel and walked back and forth a time or two daily. At first I was shocked by the pan handlers running up to me and following me during each of my walks back and forth. It did not take long before I learned not to look at them, or utter a word to them as they followed me begging for money. They came uncomfortably close to me as I pep-stepped along and they shadowed me with raised voices for 10 or 15 yards before they “peeled-off” their pursuit, often to zero in on another hapless pedestrian. I was younger and quite capable of defending my self, if need be. But, I felt sorry for the female pedestrians, few of which would have been as self-confident under those circumstances.

Citizens of America must realize the horrific results of decades of Radical Liberal Big City Government politics, after their decades in power and control.

And you can be sure it will only get worse.


Now, think about it.

Don’t you wonder where all of those street people go potty?

See for yourself. Then vote accordingly!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/23/19

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