Michigan: Stupid About Marijuana

Michigan: Stupid About Marijuana.

America is making one dumb legislative mistake after another. I believe that most folks have no “friggin-in-the-riggin”(Navy term) idea of how close America is to its own self-destruction.

The concern for this posting is both “medical marijuana” and its increasing legalization for recreational use.

I am deeply saddened that Michigan has now made marijuana legal for recreational use and is gearing-up to open retail outlets and cash-in on new tax revenues. 

I was born and raised in Michigan and most of my loved ones are there. Many of my family and friends are raising children and teens in Michigan. The legalization of marijuana is a great threat to the welfare of all Michiganders and also to those in contiguous states where marijuana use remains illegal. 

If you fail to read the following authoritative article you will remain oblivious to the great harms that the legalization of marijuana can visit upon you, your children, other loved ones and all of America.

Please be informed on this and other great issues of our time.



V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/28/19

Health Services Provider in Psychology (40 yrs.)

Professor Emeritus of Psychology (36 yrs,)

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