What happened to WWII America?

What happened to WWII America?

Someone asked in relation to securing our borders and therefore our country: Why has America forgotten 9/11 so soon?

Well I am certain that much of America has not forgotten 9/11, and those who have not are in strong support of President Trump’s desire to put a temporary hold on immigration from terrorist harboring nations and secure our borders with combinations of wall, technology, and more enforcement officers.

Others have not “forgotten 9/11”, but they appear to be putting politics and self-interest before our nation’s security.

America’s current population is vastly different from that of WWII, when Pearl Harbor enraged and united us.

We are now at war outside-of and inside-of ourselves.

Though many citizens have not been corrupted and softened by the products of modernity; i.e., wealth, unimaginable conveniences, hedonistic pleasures, and the decline of our indigenous religions…a very great many have been.

Furthermore, members of America’s burgeoning subcultures are increasingly balkanized; selfishly warring with each other for wealth, as well as political and social power. To a great extent Americans are alienated from one another.

Also badly weakened are our traditional values supporting sex for procreation, rather than sex just for pure recreation. Now on the rise is sex with technological inventions and even increasing human-like robots. Sex roles are now diffuse and sexual identities are confused. Females are increasingly masculanized and celebrated while males are feminized; historical male traits are increasingly villanized. These biosociocultural lines of demarcation have blurred to the extent that even the definitions citizen’s biological sex are confused and fractious.

American society is now divided into countless ongoing sub-cultural cold-wars., God forbid they become hot-wars.

There are many more facets to our presently dysfunctional America, but these problems are beyond the focus of this analysis. 

Tragically, this is our America at a time when strong cohesiveness is the only path to long-term survival. I increasingly fear that nothing short of a great calamity could reunite and strengthen America’s resolve unify and fight to survive.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/11/19

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