Michigan Marijuana: So Sad

Michigan Marijuana: So Sad

I have reviewed many of the articles on the internet related to the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use.

Sadly, they are numerous and overwhelmingly positive. They tell the reader where to get the pot, how much they can have, where they can grow it, how many plants they can have, how it will make money, reduce law enforcement over-load, how it will be fair to those who have had to go to jail, how it will reduce discrimination against minorities, and it is often framed as a symbol of America’s “freedom”. 

So now my birth and growing-up State of Michigan has become just another sink-hole, among many other’s leading to America’s rapid decline. 

So, as each state watches other states rake in the “ton’s of money” for their private and political marijuana pleasures, each state will be enticed to legalize other addictive substances in order to tax their use.

The past is prologue. It has been so with pornography, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and now marijuana. There will be more formerly prohibited pleasurable substances and activities to come. There will be other conscious altering substances and there is already a lot of grass-roots lobbying for the legalization of prostitution. Permit me a dollop of venom whilst I twist the proverbial knife; perhaps the government will someday provide tax rebates to families who raise their daughters to work in that promising industry.

With the loss of Judeo/Christian moral influences in America, the quality of citizen’s behavior has diminished dramatically, and with this, the quality of our institutions and government have also diminished over time.

There will be hell to pay. The legalization of marijuana for recreation elsewhere has and will lead to increases in black market businesses, addiction among the populations, highway carnage, visits to emergency rooms, mental health problems, increasing youth use, brain damage among developing children and teens, physical health problems, damage to families, school underachievement and drop-outs, business absenteeism and discipline problems, impairment of our military, and more!

These and many more damages will be documented in time. But, the the irreparable damages to America and its citizens will have been done.  

Although the immediate effects of legalizing more drugs for pleasure are fun and will briefly add to the tax coffers of government, the deferred consequences will be very painful and destructive to all Americans. The hidden financial and human costs, many yet undocumented but observable to those who look carefully, will far exceed the propagandized benefits.

It is indescribably painful for me to watch America systematically, and in so many ways, destroy itself.

How about you?

Vote for honest tough conservative candidates at your ballot boxes!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services provider in Psychology (40 years)

Professor Emeritus of Psychology (36 years)

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