Bad Behavioral Contagion in Michigan: Legalized Recreational Marijuana!

Bad Behavioral Contagion in Michigan: Legalized Recreational Marijuana!

I define Bad Behavioral Contagion as the spread of damaging behavior within a population via scientifically validated biological, social and psychological mechanisms (principles). To learn more about Behavioral Contagion, please use my search box.

 “Pure” Michigan (as the ads proclaim) has Just Legalized Recreational Marijuana.

In one great irrational and self-destructive act, it has lost its credibility as the so-called “pure state”.

The ungoverned chaos, mayhem, human suffering and financial losses that will now unfold in Michigan and surrounding states, in time, will be ruinous. The weight of legalized marijuana related tragedies will far exceed the revenues and pleasures so ignorantly, or selfishly anticipated by citizens, businesses and politicians.

I have written extensively about the many harms to the people in the states that have legalized Marijuana for recreation. I will not personally discuss all of that again in this particular blog.

Instead, now and in the future, I will publish more current reviews of these problems that are now poised to ravage the people of Michigan, my beloved once-home-state. The state in which virtually all of my relatives live and raise their children…the one I visit countless times every year.

I am deeply saddened over what what I know legal marijuana + alcohol + other available still illegal drugs could do to the people I love there; and will certainly do to thousands of other Michiganders who we all should care about.

The loss and pain, now poised to unfold, is a needless result of a short-sighted or deceitful, money motivated, massively self-destructive political act. This is radical liberalism on vivid display.

The following short article authoritatively warns about the very bad things that are happening to the citizens in other states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Although it does not provide citations to supporting research findings, they certainly exist and I have reviewed and referred to many of them in my past postings on this topic. 

From my data-based psychological perspective, legalized recreational marijuana in Michigan represents just one more, of many historically increasing avenues for bad behavioral contagion within America. 

The sum-total these an other accruing radical liberal cultural redesigns, stimulating bad behavioral contagion within our population, forecast very bad problems to come for everyone.

Without radical change, I fear we are witnessing the unfolding elements of America’s decline and failure.

Now please see one of my previous postings on this issue.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

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