Leftists Democrats = Ghetto “Snoop Dogg”!

Leftists Democrats = Ghetto “Snoop Dogg”!

Here comes some of Dr. Tom’s reality therapy again!

It ain’t pretty, in fact it is flat-out ugly. But, it is reality and you need to perceive it if you would like to conduct life in a rational fashion.

The so-called “Snoop Dogg”, a hunk of effluence straight-out-of the Ghetto, perfectly illustrates the disguised and polished public attitude and verbal behavior of many democrats.

Of course, this includes the majority of the so-called celebrities of the entertainment media, the “talking heads” in the news media, the vast majority of college professors, and our governmental “Deep State” leftist operatives (life-time appointed and hired by past employers and other leftist revolutionary’s who are who are squarely dedicated to destroying our Constitutionally governed America).

Now, if you are a sissy “snow-flake”, unable to deal with real-world, profane and politically incorrect speech…ya better not read what Snoop attack-Dogg had to say about Kayne West,  who supports our duly elected American President, Donald Trump.

Here is a dose of reality: Remember the ol’: “saying: Birds of a feather stick together”?

It is certainly so with politics. Here is a look at what lays under the polished rhetoric of the leftist revolutionary democrats who will do anything to destroy our Constitutional Government.

Warning: Don’t open the URL below if you are not adult enough to read Snoop attack-Dogg’s “F”, “N”, “M-F”, gehtto B.S.. Just put your head in the sand and believe that all is well in America.


Vote the Radical Leftist killers of our Constitutional Republic out of office!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/4/18 

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