Men vs Women: No Difference? Ready to Laugh?!

Men vs Women: No Difference? Ready to Laugh?!

Well, now I’m headed for trouble. Big trouble because this video does not just make fun of women…it nails the men too!

Don’t be silly, there are some great big differences between the sexes. And, I am not just referring to the obvious differences the ones that can get us all titillated!

VTM, 4/9/18

P.S., Thanks to buddy Vic Palenske for sending this to me. It is just too funny and true (for the most part), to not post.

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2 Responses to “Men vs Women: No Difference? Ready to Laugh?!”

  1. gordyjones Says:

    Dr. Tom:

    I was thinking he would segue into how the differences would screw up those wanting to transition to the other sex




    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Gordy, Thanks for following my blog. I was not in a serious mood when choosing to put republish this YouTube video. Actually, those who are transitioning to the opposite sex (they are still their original sex no matter) already have significant personal problems and their outcomes are generally poor. If you are interested go to my search box on the upper right side of my blog page. Type in LGBTQ or maybe Transsexuals and you will get several articles on just that topic and the associated troubles. Warm Regards, Tom


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