School Shooting Lesson!

School Shooting Lesson!

My patriot friend Lee Hornack sent this information to  me. 

The following is a bit of Facebook flotsam that is most timely. Perhaps you have been made aware of  the following school shooting. 

This little report illustrates an entire set very important media and 2nd Amendment points of debate. 

Independent of your political preferences, America is best served by your considering this information.


Did you hear about the 17-year-old student who attempted a mass shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland Tuesday morning (3/19/18)?  
You didn’t?  Maybe it was because the story didn’t fit the anti-gun politician’s and media’s agenda, so it barely made the nightly wrap-up on most channels.
Let’s Review – What DID NOT stop the Maryland school shooting:
*Maryland’s assault weapon’s ban
*Maryland’s 10-round magazine ban
*Maryland’s universal background check requirement
*Maryland’s law requiring an exhaustive application process to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun
*Maryland’s law prohibiting the purchase of more than one firearm a month
*Maryland’s law requiring handgun registration
*Maryland’s law requiring registration of handgun owner
*Maryland’s extremely limited approval of concealed carry permits
*Maryland’s refusal to honor concealed carry permits from other states
*Multiple laws against carrying a weapon without a permit
*Gun-Free Zone laws prohibiting guns in schools
*Laws against discharging a firearm in public
*Laws against attempted murder
What DID stop the school shooting:
An armed, trained person at the scene who engaged the shooter in less than a minute and took him down before the shooter could kill any students
Wake up people, the anti-gunners don’t want more gun laws – that they know that criminals still won’t obey – that’s just a smokescreen.  

They want a disarmed populace.  The Founders of this great country had seen the dangers of government overreach and tyranny, so they created the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution so that our citizens could protect themselves, From Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

_______________________________________VTM, 3/22/18
P.S., It is a fact that Maryland has very strict gun laws.

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2 Responses to “School Shooting Lesson!”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    I know,I’ve said this before,preponderance of gun laws chipping away at our 2nd amendment until it no longer exists.Now the wolf in sheep’s clothing is using our brain washed youth to champion the cause to eliminate the right for lawful citizens to bear arms-think, why hasn’t a country tried to invade ours-simple there are over 300 million guns in the hands of Americans.
    Eliminate the 2nd amendment, our country becomes the communist gov’t,not the fascist gov’t .
    The media continues to reference fascism not communism as the root cause of the violent protests erupting across our country aided and abetted by powerful rich liberal/ social/progressives-code words for communism.
    Wake up America,beware,our country is on track of becoming a communist gov’t,the most evil scourge that has ever swept across this world.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Well, good buddy, I sure cannot argue with you about all of this. Tell your friends to stop by my blog to hear the truth about the assault against our Constitutional Republic, our Religion, and our traditional moral values. And thanks for you comments!


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