School Shootings: Truth in Pictures

School Shootings: Truth in Pictures.

There is nothing to laugh about in the cartoons that follow. 

We should be crying and raging against the forces of our undoing!

Our decaying infrastructure is only a symptom of a much more threatening problem: America’s decaying society is sick and dying.

As one high school girl told President Trump in a recent meeting on school shootings (I paraphrase), the problems/solutions are multifaceted.

It is THE CULTURE that is killing our children and that is indeed a very a complex problem.

It is a problem that will be very difficult to fix; if it even can be fixed.

The first thing to do is to secure our schools and protect our children from slaughter. This can be done more rapidly if America will make it the top priority that it morally and ethically should be.

For now, think about this first brilliant information-packed depiction of a rifle, by Mr. Ramirez shown below. It presents the terrifying truth that all Americans must now face, or live in growing hell on earth.

If “Assault Rifles” are banned, it is irrelevant to the short and long-term solution to America’s violence problems.

Why? “Assault rifles” were once banned with no clear effect. Just as importantly, there are countless of other “pretty” rifles that look a lot less threatening…and that can kill lots of people very rapidly…every bit as effectively as the so-called assault rifle. 

It is the culture stupid! 

We must, right damned now:

  1. Protect the children at school and home!
  2. Stringently restrict gun ownership to responsible law abiding citizens!
  3. Return to long-term hospitalization of the dangerously mentally ill!

I will have more on the longer-term project of fixing the culture soon.

VTM., 2/22/18


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